Marten Horger w/Wes Please [Footwerk - Fri Mar 2 - Kelowna]
Marten Horger is back and brings his brand of Bass Music with an analogue soul that comes straight from the motherland of Electro. [Footwerk - Fri March 2 Sapphire]

Defunk & Father Funk w/Bright Idea [Footwerk - Fri Mar 16 - Kelowna]
A night of funk, blues, soul, and bass music joining the experimental with the familiar. St Patrick's day weekend! [Footwerk - Fri March 16 Sapphire]

Moontricks [Footwerk Fri Apr 6 - Kelowna]
Moontricks packs a punch as one of the best not-so-secret treasures in the Pacific Northwest festival and live show circuit. [Fri Apr 6 Sapphire]