Freddy J, Wes Please, JGirl & Manousos [Footwerk Fri Jan 25 - Kelowna]

Freddy J, Wes Please, JGirl & Manousos [Footwerk Fri Jan 25 - Kelowna]
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Regional Bass / House DJs Freddy J, JGirl & Manousos, & Wes Please bring their funky fresh vibes to Kelowna on Fri Jan 25 at Sapphire in Kelowna BC!  Link up here: Footwerk Events

Fri Jan 25 - Sapphire LOUNGE ROOM 


F R E D D Y   J   


Freddy J has been delivering dance floor mayhem across western Canada for about a decade with the freshest bassline-driven electro funk. His Shambhala Music Festival Fractal Forest journey began in 2008 where he has played annually since. His current stage opener sets are wild. Have you been?


And musical support by

J G I R L   &   M A N O U S O S


W E S   P L E A S E

Kelowna DJs & regular Footwerk pals - MUCH LOVE


Vibe by: YOU! Grab tickets, bring your friends, get weird.

DRESS & DECOR THEME: date night


238 Leon Ave 
Kelowna BC

19+ with photo ID (no exceptions, it's Provincial law)

Sapphire is Kelowna's leading entertainment nightclub venue; a 19+ licensed liquor establishment so leave your other things at home. Doors open at 10pm with full bar service. Closed toe shoes are mandatory in the venue. Come to dance, meet friends new & old, and have a few drinks. Sapphire is a private establishment and all outside food, bev, alcohol, cannabis, illegal substances, and weapons will be taken during a light pat down. Leave these items at home. 

For those not drinking alcohol, tons of non-alc options are available like Blue Monkey coconut water ($4.50), Key Lime Sparkling Blue Monkey ($4.50), Monster ($4.50), Bud zero ($4.50), water bottles, ($2.50), juice/pop ($2), and virgin cocktails ($2). Free tap water is available at every bar so ask a bartender. Hungry? Jeffer's Fries in down the block & Dunn Enzies is 2 blocks away. Secure coat check, friendly staff, smoke pit, and ATMs inside. No ins / outs.

will be out the front this night as the smoke pit is not available. You may step out and remain curb side for a few moments and come right back inside. If you wander off, you will return through the ticket line, have your ID scanned, and go through a pat down. Cheers!

are *not* strictly for "VIP" on Friday events. They're for anyone like you; the average lovable person attending our Footwerk shows. They don't cost a fortune. We ask for your commitment to buying some beverage service which you would be doing already! Call the BOOTH LINE to book a booth & beverage pack 250-317-4194. Buy your tickets first!


** Club Hosts **
Hosts or club ambassadors are available this night for anything you need assistance with; something minor, something private, or something huge, something creepy. Look for the friendly folks in green lanyards. We're here to help you have a good night out.


Affordable ticket pricing = no guest list requests.
Fair is fair. Support music, art, & entertainment. 

$10 - limited advance online

$15 - hard copies - avail in Jan at DunnEnzies Pizza Co.

Same day tickets and door = $ more



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